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Welcome to NantwichDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk, the recruitment portal for residential domestic cleaners in the Nantwich area.

NantwichCleaningJobs.co.uk is a part of Maid2Clean (www.maid2clean.co.uk). Maid2Clean is a well established cleaning agency that is not only producing an impressive turnover, but is growing rapidly throughout the UK. Nantwich in particular has such a large client base more cleaners are necessary to cope with this expansion. People like you who are in need of a part-time job, given independence and freedom to work with your own terms in mind.

You can apply for one of these cleaning jobs on www.nantwichcleaningjobs.co.uk a domain of the Maid2Clean cleaning agency.


About Us


What is NantwichDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk ?

Maid2Clean is willing to provide residential cleaning vacancies to cleaners interested in work in the Nantwich area. So why would you want to become a cleaner for Maid2Clean as opposed to other recognised, mainstream cleaning agencies? There is no straightforward answer to this. Maid2Clean operates uniquely to all other cleaning agencies, as all of our cleaners are self employed. This may seem confusing. Think of Maid2Clean as a guiding hand, arranging cleaners for clients and covers insurance and supports cleaners.

After you apply for a job with Maid2Clean we would appreciate your cooperation in arranging an interview between yourself and one of our trusted cleaner interviewers in your home. This is to determine whether you are in fact eligible to work for Maid2Clean. To find out if you could offer something special to our business and to clear any confusion about how often you will work and to what etiquette.

Once you participate in the interview you can then become a fully registered member of the Maid2Clean cleaning agency as a professional self employed cleaner. Confused at why you will be self employed and still work for Miad2Clean? As a cleaner you will be classed as self employed but you will work through Maid2Clean, as we will provide insurance cover and match clients to cleaners. You will not have to wear a uniform or use branded cleaning equipment as the client must provide all cleaning equipment. You do not have to have a car however having access to a personal vehicle will provide you with the opportunity of more cleaning jobs, as jobs will no longer have to be local.

As well as regular cleaning Maid2Clean provides other cleaning orientated services, household jobs such as the ironing and washing of clothes, as well as specialist deals on certain cleans such as a ‘Maid2Blitz’ which is simply a quick one-off clean. Understandably these categories of cleaning will cost the client considerably more as opposed to regular cleans.

As a residential cleaner you will be working in a client’s private home, often alone, therefore as a professional cleaner you are expected to respect the clients home and their personal property. This is why we need to make sure that you are a suitable candidate beforehand hence the interview.

We incorporate a ‘star system’ which simply shows how valuable you out to the company. For an example factors such as being recommended by clients, having a high job attendance rate and completing a large number of cleans over a long period will all provide each cleaner with the chance to work their way up to earning all five stars. Likewise you can also lose stars understandably for poor attitude to work and clients. Earning all five stars will grant you with the opportunity to progress with your career.



Residential & domestic cleaning jobs


To Apply for one of our Residential Cleaning Jobs Click here

Maid2Clean is the fastest growing, leading domestic cleaning agency in the market of the UK and has conducted well over 2 million cleans since it first commenced. It is recognised that thousands of house cleaners rely on us for work every week, along with the thousands of home-owners requiring a regular cleaning.

Maid2Clean was originally established as a partnership in 1993 and today it is now listed as a limited company. The business has been incredibly successful, as it has been repeatedly franchised to over one-hundred and thirty franchised businesses in the UK, Ireland, Canada and now Australia. Master Licenses are currently sought in Malaysia and Africa.

Maid2Clean master licences are available here: http://www.maid2clean.co.uk/franchise/masterlicences.html





Company history



Career progression

If you prove yourself to be a five star cleaner who meets the reliable, honest, hardworking, friendly and enthusiastic standard that we require, you may be asked to take the MaidVersity exam. By passing this test you will be given the opportunity to become a cleaner Interviewer or supervisor.